Vintage. Evolved.
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Vintage. Evolved.

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Redstone Bass Guitars hand-rubbed oil or lacquer ‘broken-in’ finish. Handmade, traditional construction • Swamp ash and alder cores • Nitrocellulose finish • Passive electronics* • Classic Colors, lines and appointments • Maple or rosewood fingerboards • Redstone Guitars® proprietary rubbed lacquer finish


Modern pickups from Aguilar® and Bartolini® • KSM® Foundation Bridge (Apollo), Hipshot Aluminum Lightweight bridge (Gemini), • Graphite-reinforced necks • Lightweight, resonant body, 32″ and 34″ scale • Chambered 34″ scale • 5 string, 35″ models to be available in Q4 2020 • Screened electronic components • Controls routed from rear • Ultra-lightweight hardware

Redstone Bass Guitars started out with a handful of inspirations. First and foremost, to build bass guitars and only bass guitars, drawing from the original wellsprings of innovation in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. Instruments built then were not just innovations, they were literally inventions. The original basses that are today worth tens of thousands of dollars represent something almost magical. Before 1951, the electric bass was not a production instrument—there were stabs at it that I can trace back to the 1930’s, but the basses that Leo Fender designed and built starting around 1951 on through the Jazz basses he made before selling Fender off to CBS—there’s a touch of brilliance and magic in them.

Redstone basses are designed to be played. They are designed to be transparent. They are designed to evoke the love and magic that a great bass imbues in its player. Comfortable, light-weight, beautiful, and transparent—meaning the sound you want comes from your fingers. Read more about our journey …


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